Pang Labshol festival at Ravangla, South Sikkim

This was my maiden visit to Ravangla South Sikkim. On 07th of September 2017 at 7:00 am I went to Gangtok Taxi stand near old petrol pump near hungry jack hotel. It was unfortunate I missed the cab. Some people including the ticket counter suggested me to catch a taxi till Singtam East Sikkim and again Ravangla from there. Due to huge traffic jam I was again late to reach singtam till than it was already 9:30 am. Normally it takes 3.5 hrs to reach ravangla from Gangtok.

After half an hour wait at Singtam I got a cab of Ravangla and which charged me 80 bucks. Total it was 140 bucks from Gangtok to Ravangla. As I was travelling towards Ravangla at 10:00 am weather was pleasant and cool as Singtam is the very hottest places of Sikkim. On the way I was mesmerised with the beautiful mountains and river teesta. The cool air that touches my faces everytime the cab takes a turn.

I reached Ravangla at 11:45am, as that was my maiden visit I took my camera and took a shot. I went to a hotel and ordered a tea and momo. As I was hungry that was more than delicious.

Hotel where I had breakfast

After having breakfast I moved toward the monastery where the festival was celebrating. Before I though Ravangla was a village areas but I was wrong it is a bazar with beautiful view and the road linked to Gangtok, Namchi, Borong and Kewzing.

Ravangla Bazar, South Sikkim

I was so happy on my solo trip and was feeeling amazing. On my way to venue which was 15 minutes walking distance upside hills I was accompanied by one of the young student of Namchi Sr. Sec. School named YOGESH RAI, as he was there to visit his mother. As he was full aware of the place it was benifit for me to be with him.

As we were moving upside hills we saw a small shop where Sikkim organic wine was sold for the particular festival. Mr. Sonam didn’t hesitate to take a photo with NINGAR organic Sikkimese wine which is also good for health as it is made from RICE.

In pics: Mr Sonam with organic wine in bottle.

Finaly we reach the destination and I was so glad and blessed to see the monasteries.

Ravangla monastery gate south sikkim

Ravangla monastery

I heard the cultural music at far and we were excited to see what’s going on. Once we reached there was Nepalese cultural dance by students of Ravangla. We enjoyed the show very much.

Pang Labshol celebration at Ravangla South Sikkim

Pang Labshol festival 2017 at Ravangla

Nepali cultural dance at Pang Labshol festival 2017 at Ravangla

After watching that we moved toward Buddha Park also know as Tathagathe Tsal where tallest statue of LORd Buddha in the world is located. I wanna tell all the reader that you must visit this place once in a lifetime. I was numb and silent with the magnificent artitecture of that place. I forgot all my pain and thirst and just keep seeing that park. THE sky was clear and cloud were smiling at me. I was in midst of peace and calm. I believe one forget all there anger, frustrations, tension, ego everything and they feel only themselves. We clicked many pictures.

Buddha Park at Ravangla South SikkimBuddha park Ravangla South Sikkim

Pravesh Chhetri at Buddha Park Ravangla South Sikkim

Ravangla as seen from Buddha Park South Sikkim

Ravangla as seen from Buddha Park South Sikkim

after that we went to have a lunch at small shop where organic wine and cultural dishes was prepared. As I wanna taste that I bought one bottle of organic wine and enjoyed my own company. We went toward the function and enjoyed the show.

As it was already 4 pm we left that beautiful place and thought I will once again this land of Buddha and share my experience to world. It was my first spiritual journey and solo journey.



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