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Village tour to Nimthang, East Sikkim

BY: PRAVESH CHHETRI It was several months infact a year I hadn’t felt the charm of village area, the smell of greenery plants and hilly mountains. It was early morning of 04th Sept 2017...

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Gangtok Diary

A particular river, sea, lake, mountain, or land never identifies someone’s house, village, town, or where he or she belongs. The way we feel about the place, is what matters, and ah, the sense... Bhatia 0

A Solo Ride

BY: Jitender Bhatia My trip started with a dire need to get out of the house. I had been really busy with work for nearly 3 months , as I had spent a month attending...

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Sikkim : The land of Mystic beauty

They say traveling leaves you speechless at first, then turns you into a storyteller. BY: Mr Gopish Monga DAY 1: Terminal 1D Departure A lot was rushing through my head when I reached Terminal-1, the domestic...


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